Introducing a new and exciting initiative by SA Artists Against Apartheid and BDS South Africa. A place to hangout on a Wednesday evening…

When: Last Wednesday of every month
Time: 20h00 for 20h15
Admission: Free
Where: Love and Revolution, 7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg
Hosts: SA Artists Against Apartheid and BDS South Africa
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More info: info[at]

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30 May - Film Screening of "Lemon Tree"
This month's Wednesday Session (30 May) we will feature a film screening of the highly acclaimed film, Lemon Tree:

Released: 2008
Duration: 106 min
Director: Eran Riklis
Writers: Eran Riklis and Suha Arraf
Actors: Hiam Abbass, Rona Lipaz-Michael and Ali Suliman

About the Movie:
Salma Zidane lives in a tiny Palestinian village in the Occupied West Bank. She is 45 years old and a widow. When the Israeli Minister of Defense builds a house next door, Selma's lemon trees come to the attention of his bodyguards - her trees are deemed a "security risk".

With her daughters married and her son working in the USA, Salma finds herself isolated. But that hasn't sapped her spirit, so she challenges the Israeli military by taking the issue to court. Salma finds a young lawyer who will take the case all the way to Israel's Supreme Court. However, Ziad Daud, the young attorney, is up against a battery of conniving Israeli military lawyers. It's an unfair battle, that isn't made any easier when the 45-year-old widow falls in love with her lawyer, a divorcee ten years her junior…

Lemon Tree is a moving personal story but also one that throws light on issues such as Israel's Apartheid Wall, its illegal Settlements and its flawed legal system.

The movie will be followed by a brief presentation by a legal specialist who will provide his insights  on some of the cases that have come before the Israeli Supreme Court, specifically those relating to the Israeli Wall. His presentation will tie in to the plot of the movie, specifically exploring the legal context within the storyline and whether Palestinians should even consider using Israeli courts, which in a way may legitimate the Israeli regime.

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Wednesday Sessions Feature: various, innovative and entertaining evenings including poetry readings, film screenings, live performances, exhibitions, discussions, (juicy) debates and more.

Wednesday Sessions Are: an open space where artists (and others) can discuss, deconstruct, share, provoke, debate, politicize, network, collaborate, exhibit, showcase... or perform their own work. Write to us know if you would like to take us up on the offer to present/perform your own work! (

Wednesday Sessions Aim To: question and highlight the role of art, artists in society and general members of society in assisting ordinary people to move beyond extraordinary circumstances. How did ordinary people in the international community assist South Africans to overcome apartheid? How can we now assist those Palestinians and progressive Israelis who are resisting Israeli Apartheid?

Come to Wednesday Sessions To Learn: about Art & Politics ... Art and Politics in South Africa... the Palestinian-Israeli issue ... Israeli Apartheid ... or how you too can join the cultural boycott of Israel.

Wednesday Sessions May Inspire: you and other attendees to be creative and productive... to make artistic work ... to go out and graffiti or organise a flashmob. We encourage and will assist in this :)