SA Artists Against Apartheid avidly welcomed the popular UK band, Faithless to South Africa - as artists of conscience who have chosen to be on the right side of history!

Starting on Thursday, 03 February 2011, a 30-second recording by Dave Randall, lead guitarist of the UK dance band, began broadcast on SA's popular music radio station, 5fm.

The audio message was also incorporated into a music video on YouTube - receiving more than 4000 views in just 2 days.

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- 2010: Faithless cancels Israel gig

In 2010, the UK dance band Faithless declined to play in Israel.  As Maxi Jazz compassionately wrote to his fans last year when he refused to play in Israel:

"All Races All Colours All Creeds Got The Same Needs.
These are just some of the lyrics I perform every night with my friends known as Faithless.
And this short note is for all fans and family of the band in Israel. It's fair to say that for 14 years we've been promoting goodwill, trust and harmony all around the world in our own small (but very loud!) way.
Ok. We've been asked to do some shows this summer in your country and, with the heaviest of hearts, I have regretfully declined the invitation.
While human beings are being wilfully denied not just their rights but their NEEDS for their children and grandparents and themselves, I feel deeply that I should not be sending even tacit signals that this is either 'normal' or 'ok'. It's neither and I cannot support it.
It grieves me that it has come to this and I pray everyday for human beings to begin caring for each other, firm in the wisdom that we are all we have.
We Come 1
One Love.