Amandla Intifada Album


In 2009, four South African bands collaborated to record the album “AMANDLA INTIFADA” to express their support for the Palestinian people in their struggle against Israeli oppression and occupation. this album was also a response to the atrocities committed by Israel in the attack and siege of Gaza in Dec 2008/Jan 2009. as people who came out of a struggle against apartheid, these musicians wanted to acknowledge the support shown by the Palestinian people for the liberation of South Africa from apartheid.

Having no aspirations other than to upload the album for free download on and on Facebook, the album received international acclaim and support by international solidarity groups. interest in the album grew and 4000 copies were distributed for free worldwide at conferences on the Palestinian struggle by international activist groups.

A direct result of this was the release of 'THE NEW BLACK”, which was a collaboration between South African band, THE MAVRIX and Palestinian oud player, MOHAMED OMAR. this was released as a music video and was the first ever collaboration between South African and Palestinian musicians. it can viewed here

Following the renewed Nov 2012 bombings in Gaza, more South African artists banded together to show their support for the Palestinian struggle by recording "AMANDLA INTIFADA 2", with the objective of launching on the 9 Mar 2013, in time for ISRAELI APARTHEID WEEK (IAW) in Palestine and South Africa. IAW is hosted by many countries at various times during the month of march in 2013.

The album features South African groups and individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and artistic disciplines who are united in their solidarity with the people of Palestine to resist the apartheid regime of Israel.

Featuring artists such as EWOK, DANIEL FRIEDMAN, THE MAVRIX, FUTURAMA, NAFEESA, 45TH AVE PROJECT, S_WORDCAM and ASLAM and RASSOOL SNYMAN, “AMANDLA INTIFADA 2” displays a diverse mix of spoken word and musical styles incorporating hip hop, folk, rock, soul and poetry.

The outcomes of this project is to develop a platform for artists to express their support, raise funds for Palestinian solidarity groups and raise awareness of the Palestinian people's oppression through artistic expression.

This album is a project initiated from the ground up by community members who organized together with “SOUTH AFRICAN ARTISTS AGAINST APARTHEID” and the PALESTINE SOLIDARITY ALLIANCE (SOUTH AFRICA). the group is a national collective of artists who recognize the important position that they find themselves in as survivors of South Africa's own apartheid and the need to add their voice to the growing global outcries against Israeli injustice.

It is for free download and distribution to help raise awareness about the plight of the Palestinian people.