Check out Archbishop Tutu's endorsement:

On Tuesday, 31 May 2011, music group OneWorld (made up of artists from bands that include Faithless, Moby, 1Gaint Leap, and South Africa’s own Durban Gospel choir) released their new single titled “Freedom for Palestine”. Within a day the song received over 65 000 hits on the global video sharing platform, YouTube.

A day after its release, Coldplay promoted the song on its official Facebook page:

“Some of our friends are involved in OneWorld's new 'Freedom for Palestine' single - you can find out more at”

Jamie Catto from 1GaintLeap tweeted immediately after:

“wow! when I asked Coldplay 2 support our Free Palestine song I didn’t expect it 2 go this CRAZY, 3000 Likes in 1st hour then 1000s commenting”

The Coldplay shout-out has now received well over 6000 Facebook “Likes”.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and English funny guy, Mark Thomas, endorsed the song in these YouTube clips.

Palestinians are warmly welcoming the song. Well-known Palestinian commentator, Omar Barghouti, summed up the song as “Artistic activism at its best!”

The SA Artists Against Apartheid collective lends its support to this innovative initiative by OneWorld.